About the Area

Natali Apartments is located in Malia, which is exactly at the center of Crete. That makes your excursions very easy! Due to the location and the wonderful climate, Malia represents a touristic place with well organised companies from all the categories. The road seems to split the village in two halfs, the old town of Malia from one side, and the newest part of the town in the other side, that is near the coastline.

Beside the archeological palace you can visit the historical temples of the old village and the bioplace of the river.

Also very close to Malia is Stalis from one side and Sissi from the other (Famous fish village). Other points of interest very near to us is the Creta Acuarium (Just 20 km) the famous Golf Club (Just 10 km).

Moreover for those who want to live like Greeks KRASSI Village is very close and ?Lasithi Plateu (Where you can see Zeus Cave) is also very near to us. Knossos Palace is just 35 km from Malia, the biggest Palace in Medeterianian!

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